NVH Application Instruments

Created in 1985, OROS made its initial impact in designing and manufacturing real-time signal processing boards. Since 1994, OROS has focused its development strategy on the design of PC-based multi-channel signal analyzers. OROS analyzers have been immediately renowned for their high level of quality, reliability and real-time technology.

Multi-Channel Analyzers

  • Stand Alone Recorder
  • Autonomous Monitoring
  • Handling any Transducers
  • Large Channel Count

Rotating analysis

  • Turbo Machinery Vibration Solution: ORBIGate
  • Torsional Vibration Measurement
  • Order Tracking Analysis
  • Balancing

NVGate, the Powerful Noise and Vibration Software Platform

NVGate is the cornerstone for all measurement tasks. From field acquisition to reporting, it gathers the major measurements’ steps in a unique interface.

It hosts all OROS software modules driving the 3-Series analyzers.