Aimil's Manufacturing Facility NAIMEX at NOIDA (U.P) for
Manufacture of Civil Engineering Test Equipment for EXPORTS

At our Noida Plant, we manufacture Civil Engineering equipment for exports. It is a low cost manufacturing location with duty exemptions. Our location in the Special Economic Zone, Noida UP as a 100% Export Oriented Unit ensures we are exempted from paying any import duties, VAT on our raw materials and components used in manufacturing, this makes us extremely competitive on price. The property at Noida stretches over an acre of land of which the shop floor occupies 17,000 square feet with full epoxy coating to provide a clean environment. The facility is fully equipped with trained manpower and machinery to meet the needs of the market, in terms of instrument for Civil Engineering applications from Material Testing to Structural Monitoring.

Aiipltech also promote the Consultancy of Aimil Ltd.,
(ATES) and Survey Consultancy Services

In addition to the state-of-the-art Instruments, we also offer consultancy for our valued customers in the fields of Civil Engineering through our Consultancy Division Advanced Technology & Engineering Services (ATES) and Survey Consultancy Services.

Advanced Technology & Engineering Services (ATES) is the consultancy division of Aimil Ltd. ATES is a multi disciplinary group of highly qualified professionals, practicing in the areas of Civil, Geological, Earthquake and Mining Engineering. ATES has a fully equipped laboratory in New Delhi with state-of-the-art analytical software and testing equipment's capable of extensive field and in-lab analysis and interpretation.

Specialized Services provided by ATES:

  • Field Geotechnical Investigations for Hydro and Other Infrastructure
  • Soil, Rock & Construction Material Testing (NABL Accreditation No. T 2250)
  • Engineering Geology & Geo-hazards
  • Landslide Hazard Zonation Mapping
  • Design & Analysis
  • Reservoir Rim Stability Study
  • Geotechnical Field & Lab Investigations
  • Vulnerability Study
    - Analysis of Secondary Waves
  • Risk Analysis
    - Landslide Mitigation Studies
  • Structural Monitoring & Instrumentation
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Health Monitoring of Civil Structures

Structural Monitoring Instrumentation

We also provide the below products for
Structural/Geotechnical Monitoring:

  • Casagrande Porous Tube Piezometer
  • Electronic Water Level Indicator
  • Uplift Pressure Pipe and Head Assembly
        Unit for Remote Monitoring
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer
  • Base Plate Settlement System
  • Magnetic Settlement system
  • Digital Inclinometer System
  • Tilt Meter – Vibrating Wire Type
  • Normal/Inverted Pendulum
  • Automatic Pendulum Co-cordinator
  • Single and Multipoint Bore Hole
  • Tape Extensometer
  • Pressure Cells - Vibrating Wire Type
  • Vibrating Wire Temperature Meter
  • Temperature Meter – Thermistor Type
  • Vibrating Wire Borehole Stress Meter
  • Vibrating Wire Joint Meter
  • Vibrating Wire Embedment Type
        Strain Gauge
  • Vibrating Surface Mountable Strain Gauge
  • Pull Out Apparatus
  • Data Acquisition System – Data Loggers
  • Wireless Data Loggers
  • Strong Motion Accelerographs /
        Seismograph (Seismometer)